I can be reached through email at nick@groenen.me. Please note I have a busy job and receive lots of email so if I do not know you, response times of up to a week are not uncommon.

If you are capable of sending PGP-encrypted email, please do. My key may be found with the fingerprint B19D­EB40­69BC­0FF8­EE16­BA64­4F0A­D019­928A­E098. It is also available on KeyBase.

GitHub projects

If you’re contacting me in regards to one of my projects on GitHub, I’d prefer you use the issues feature on the repository in question unless the topic is sensitive and/or personal. Working in the open this way is more efficient for me and transparent to other users of the software.


I receive a lot of correspondence from recruiters. If you are one and wish to contact me about an opening that’s absolutely fine, but please:

  1. Include at least a summary of the position you are recruiting for.
  2. Include the name of the company you are recruiting for.
  3. Explain how my skills and/or interests align with the position.
  4. Contact me via email at career@nick.groenen.me, not LinkedIn.
  5. Be aware I am not interested in being in your network simply to “stay in touch”.

Following these principles will always result in a response, even if just to say I am not interested. Failure to adhere to these principles will result in your request being ignored however.