Inspired by Derek Sivers who set off the /now movement, here you’ll find what I’m up to in life right now.

What I’m doing now

February marked my 3-year anniversary at Castor, but that feels like a lifetime ago as we find ourselves in uncertain times following Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. One weekend I was at the race track in Zandvoort working as a Red Cross first aid responder during a marathon, the following weekend I was helping at a local hotel in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost providing emergency shelter for Ukrainian refugees.

Even so, most of the conflict is far away from us in the safety of Western Europe, and so life largely goes on as usual here.

At work, I’ve been busy with our adoption of Python for some of our internal tooling. After a long hiatus from the ecosystem to focus on Elixir and Rust, it’s been fun to familiarize myself again with some of the current tools, libraries and best-practices. Despite some of its warts, especially around packaging, I must confess I still find a lot of joy in writing Python code.

(Last updated: Sunday, March 6th, 2022)